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Smarter Balanced Assessment

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To help prepare you for administering the Smarter Balanced Field Test this spring we are recommending teachers have their 3-11 grade students go through the SBAC Practice and Training tests before the Field Test starting April 7th, 2014.  The training test is a short test you can use to work with your students to understand the new test interface.  The practice tests are a bit longer and can be used to as a "mock" test practice.  Below are a few helpful guides in doing this and a link to the video SBAC has for helping in training teachers on administering the SBAC. 


The purpose of this nine-minute video is to provide an overview of the spring 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test. The primary audiences for the video are teachers, administrators, school board members, and other educators responsible for test administration. Resources for use with students and parents are referenced in the video.

Click here to go to the  Smarter Balanced Field Test  site.


How to print cards for student log on:  How to for cards and rosters.pdf


Teacher Field Test Guides:  


Before the Field Test teachers should take their students through the Training and Practice tests.  The Training tests are short test to help the students become familiar with taking the tests with the help of their teacher.  The Practice tests can be used as a mock test situation for a real test practice.


The SBAC Resources and Documents - where you can find the Training Modules videos


This Universal Tools video acquaints students and teachers with the online, universal tools (e.g., highlighter, strikethrough, types of calculators, expandable text) available in the Smarter Balanced assessments.

Smarter Balanced Test Question Types - table that lists various question response types (e.g., multiple choice, drag and drop, matching tables) and the technology skill students will use to respond to each question type. 

Help for teachers during administering the Smarter Balanced Field Test:


Performance Task guides and resources


Additional guides 

The complete Test Administrator Guide




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