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Technology Integration Leaders (TILs)

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Here you will find resources for TILs


TILs Meeting



TILs Information

TIL_Role_web.pdf -this outlines what the role of a TILs is at a school.

Additional Pay for Teachers Retiree 2012.pdf -this is the form for the TILs monthly stipend of $100 for the 4 hours of work.  It should be turned in to Ann Tirrell at Wing C at Dent by the 20th of each month.



Technology Resources and Programs

Ed1Stop- an instructional technology web portal through the CCCOE



Tech Trends

Out_of_Print_final-a presentation from the State Educational Technology Association “Out Of Print: Reimagining K-12 Textbooks in the Digital Age”  


Webinar-This webinar on the above report from the State Educational Technology Directors from a number of states pioneering digital content speaking.


New Research on Upgrading Curriculum with Technology

  • New Bloom's Technology Taxonomy copy- Technology aligned to Blooms Taxonomy, with examples of technology resources at each level.
  • upgrade3  - Presentation on the new literacy students will need, new research on technology in education and lots of resources to upgrade curriculum.
  • Curriculum 21- a web site that provides free educational technology links through the Clearinghouse tab.
  • Curriculum 21- This is a ning for education technology (online platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks)






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